Workshop Tools

About us

We founded Gunnison Valley Shop Class in 2019 for people just like us: curious, creative and community-minded. Our Makerspace offers everything you need in order to get started: great selection of tools, patient instruction and an open workshop schedule.

Our professional team members make any visit to Gunnison Valley Shop Class an enjoyable experience. As the only DIY shop serving the Gunnison valley it is our mission to help you learn by doing. As a hands on facility we are always here to help you with your projects, as well as give you the opportunity to surround yourself with like minded individuals.    


Through the use of our facilities and access to the tools, you will always have an available workspace. If your new to the idea of building, take a class and see how you like it. We are always updating our class availability and selection. With the use of all the shop tools included in the membership, all you need is the materials and the drive to complete something new.